Engage your employees

Create a personalized mobile gamification platform for Moodle/Totara, and reward employee training with real rewards.


Coin rewards

Employees earn virtual coins for actively working through their training.

A fountain of coins


Allow learners to purchase real items or opportunities from your organisation with their virtual coins.

List of items purchased by the learner.

Raffle draws

Organise raffles for larger prizes or to create fun and friendly competitions.

List of items available for purchase on the store.


Manage the store items through the management dashboard. You decide what's on the shelves.

Screenshot showing the dashboard to add items

Encourage mastery

Help your employees go further in their training by offering more coins for specific activity types.

Different values for different activity types

Instant feedback

Our wallet provides instant feedback about the coins earned during a session.

Shows the amount of coins earned by the user during a session.



$0.25 USD Active user / month
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  • 3 weeks unlimited access
  • Up to 20 users
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  • Ideal for hosting firms
  • Over 1000 users/month
  • Advantageous rates
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What is the fair billing policy?

This means that aside from the minimum charge, we do not charge for inactive users. Only users who accessed the service within the month are considered as active. You can also suspend your account at any time.

Which versions of Moodle & Totara are supported?

The plugin supports all versions of Moodle & Totara from 2.7 to 3.5.